About Durant Park

Durant Park is prominently located just north of LCC between Capitol and Washington. Created around 1920, Durant Park is named after the former General Motors CEO and founder of Durant Motors, Billy Durant.

A children’s playground is located on the northern side of the park and there are benches to enjoy a sunny break from the city.

A Michigan Historic Site

William C. Durant was one of Michigan’s most important industrialists and the founder of the General Motors Corporation. In 1919 Durant purchased this three-acre city block, once the estate of F. Mortimer Cowles, an Eaton Rapids carpenter who works on the state capitol. Durant hired Kalamazoo landscape contractor Charles Maxson to create an urban Park. (Maxson also landscaped the Durant Motor Company’s 500,000-square-foot facility on Verlinden Avenue in Lansing.) In 1921 Durant donated the property to the city of Lansing as a park for the north side residents. The park included flowerbeds and trees, serpentine concrete pathways, and a circular fountain basin in the center of the park. A parade marked the dedication on June 23, 1921.